Safari Joe’s H2O water park ready for summer season

Safari Joe’s H2O water park ready for summer season

TULSA, Okla. — Safari Joe’s H2O Water Park employees say they are excited to open this Memorial Day weekend.

The park will open 10 a.m. Saturday and close at 8 p.m.

Suzye Worley of Customer and Employee Relations at the park says there has been a lot of activity over recent weeks to prepare for this weekend.

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During these unprecedented times she said, “Everyone is being trained thoroughly, we’re trying to make sure people are really aware of the situation. What we want to do is implement all the things we can to make sure we have a safe place for all of our patrons and our employees.”

Worley says they have been doing lots of cleaning.

She says they are preparing like they would every season, but this time they are making sure they’re going the extra mile to keep their visitors safe.

Not only will the park have several hand sanitizing stations throughout, but they will also have several signs and stickers on the ground to remind people to physically distance especially while waiting in lines.

Worley says they are doing additional training to help their staff stay aware of the extra measures during this pandemic as well as update their EMT stations in the park.

She says they are taking advantage of some new technology to help monitor their guests before they enter through their gates.

Employees say they have infrared glasses that can read the temperature of people coming in- something that will speed up the process of checking if anyone has a temperature and will prevent long lines.

Worley says the chlorine and heat is their friend this summer.

They want to be a spot where their patrons feel comfortable and want to come back for another visit.

She says they are excited and anticipate new guests with public pool closures this summer.

Worley says they plan to monitor and make any adjustments necessary during the season to make sure all guests and employees have fun and stay safe.

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