Russell Westbrook to executive produce ‘Terror in Tulsa’ based on the 1921 race massacre

TULSA, Okla. — NBA superstar, Russell Westbrook, is set to executive produce a new TV series based on the 1921 Race Massacre.

Westbrook partnered with Blackfin for the project called Terror in Tulsa: The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street.

Westbrook played for the Oklahoma City Thunder for 11 seasons, which is where he says he first learned of the Black Wall Street tragedy. “It’s upsetting that the atrocities that transpired then are still so relevant today. It’s important we uncover the buried stories of African Americans in this country. We must amplify them now more than ever if we want to create change moving forward,” Westbrook said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

The project will show the deadly massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, between May 31 and June 1, 1921, where over 300 African Americans were killed and thousands more were displaced as the once-prosperous Greenwood District also called Black Wall Street by locals, was set on fire.

Black Wall Street was home to the state’s second-largest African American community when the mobs attacked it.

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The search for hundreds of graves from the Tulsa Race Massacre continues as many bodies were never found.

The announcement comes just after the 99th anniversary of the race massacre.

According to reports, Westbrook and Blackfin are also working with Stanley Nelson on a documentary Attica, about the 1971 prison rebellion in upstate New York, for Showtime.