Roommate of missing Wagoner woman bonds out of jail

WAGONER, Okla. — A woman is still missing after Wagoner County deputies arrested her roommate in connection with the investigation.

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office told FOX23 the case of missing Talina Galloway is considered suspicious.

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Deputies arrested Galloway’s roommate, Kore Bommeli, is the person of interest and has since bonded out of jail in connection with the case.

Deputies say Bommeli lied about the circumstances of Galloway leaving home, hid evidence, and had several weapons inside her home.

Bommeli is facing charges for 4 counts possessing firearm after felony, 5 counts obstruction, 2 counts destroying evidence, credit card fraud, larceny

Investigators say there was blood found in the bedroom and garage of the home.

Bommeli’s internet search history allegedly included how to get blood out of concrete and wood.