Rogers County Deputies find $100,000 worth of stolen property during search warrant, three people arrested

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. — The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office says three people have been taken into custody after a search warrant at a Collinsville home Tuesday.

Deputies say neighbors near 161st E. Ave. and 120th St. N. had reached out to them after some of them started to get suspicious about the home. They say neighbors noticed more traffic at the house and saw items going in and out.

Major Coy Jenkins told FOX23 the investigation lasted for about a couple weeks until they were able to gather enough evidence for a search warrant. Jenkins says they were surprised to find out the home was filled with more than $100,000 worth of stolen property. Deputies spent the afternoon sorting through several stolen items including guns, jewelry, furniture, and tools. By Tuesday afternoon, Jenkins said they had already worked to replace items to a handful of victims. He believes there will be several more victims and possibly more arrests as the investigation continues.

Officers from the Tulsa Police Department also showed up to the home. Tulsa police say several of the items have been connected to burglaries at multiple homes in Midtown Tulsa. They said several of the targeted homes were under construction at the time. Officers are asking for possible victims to come forward and provide information of belongings they may be missing.

If you have property that you suspect is part of this investigation, here is what you should do:

1.) We will itemize the contents of the search, which will take several days.

2.) Next, we will begin photographing the items to make identification much easier for our victims.

3.) We will “post” photographs of the recovered property on this Facebook site.

4.) Victims who recognize their stolen items will need to contact our agency and provide a Report Case Number showing you reported the items as stolen and providing descriptive details about your property from that report. If you did not make a report and recognize your property, you will be required to provide serial numbers or other forms of descriptive details, which positively prove the item(s) belongs to you.