Rev. Turner leaving historic Vernon AME Church, will serve new church in Baltimore

TULSA, Okla. — Rev. Dr. Robert Turner is leaving Tulsa’s historical Vernon AME Church and heading to Baltimore to serve at a new church.

Turner says he starts at the new church Sunday but will continue to be in Tulsa until December. He says he plans to commute on the weekends. While here, he’s going to continue to serve the community.

Turner has pushed for reparations and equality for north Tulsa residents, survivors and descendants for the four years he’s been here. During the past three years, he’s marched every Wednesday to Tulsa City Hall to protest reparations, calling on the city to do the right thing for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre survivors and descendants.

Turner says he will continue to fight for reparations for Tulsa and on a national level.

Tulsa native Kode Ransom says he’s ready to continue the fight for equality when Turner leaves.

“...A lot of times we lean on people that are in the front but when they have something else to do, it’s time for someone else to step up,” Ransom says.

Ransom and another community member, Terry Baccus, says they also hope the new pastor makes it his mission to fight for justice, reparations and to listen to the community.

There is now word on the new pastor for Vernon AME Church yet. In the meantime, the church will find someone to preach on Sundays.

Turner will be serving as a pastor at the Empowerment Temple AME Church in west Baltimore.