• Restaurant raises $5,000 for family of slain Sapulpa officer

    By: Sharon Phillips


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:


    • Capt. Trey Pritchard, Jeffrey Grafton were shot to death in Midwest City on August 15
    • A Sapulpa restaurant hosted a BBQ fundraiser for the families Sunday
    • Over $5,000 was raised


    A local restaurant spent the day raising money for the families of two men killed in Midwest City.

    Bryan Powell owns I Am BBQ in Sapulpa. He said he wanted to do something to help the families after he learned that Sapulpa police Capt. Trey Pritchard and his cousin, Jeffrey Grafton, were shot and killed.

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    “I cooked for about three days and three nights for this,” Powell said.

    One hundred percent of the proceeds from Sunday will go to both families. Pritchard’s wife, Cari, said she is overwhelmed by her community’s generosity.

    “I can’t even put in to words the gratitude I feel. I can’t,” Pritchard said.

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    She is still living the nightmare of losing her husband.

    “The officers came to my home. It was 1:40 in the morning and I will never forget that. It was horrible. It was the worst day of my life and I relive it daily,” Pritchard said.

    Robert Frost said he heard about the fundraiser on Facebook and wanted to be there to make a difference.

    “My heart goes out to them. Losing a person like Capt. Pritchard, who I even had the opportunity to work with on a burglary case a few years ago, is like losing family,” Frost said.

    The event raised over $5,000.

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