Researchers at OU test app to help manage anxiety, depression amid the pandemic

A clinical psychologist at the University of Oklahoma is testing an app designed to help with increased anxiety and depression amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-Director of the TSET Health Promotion Research Center and psychologist Dr. Michael Businelle and his team, including an investigator at the University of Houston, designed, and are now testing an app called ‘EASE.’

Dr. Businelle told FOX23, This study was developed because with the pandemic starting a couple of years ago, the number of people in the United States and around the world that have anxiety and depression has sky-rocketed.”

Right now, the app is being tested with a $2.7 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health to see if it helps with these kinds of problems. The app works by checking in with the user a few times during the day.

Dr. Businelle explained, “For instance if someone reports that they are feeling stressed right now, they might get a suggestion and a video for a relaxation, like a relaxation, meditation-type video that would last 3 or 4 or 5 minutes.”

If the study is successful, then the app could be released to the public. Dr. Businelle said he’s excited for how far the project could reach based on the accessibility of the app format.

The study is looking to test 800 people for a period of 6 months. You could get paid up to about $300.

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