Rental bikes to be placed back in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — This Machine says their bikes are back out in Tulsa and cleaner than ever.

Executive Director of the bike share business, Katie Sawicki, says they took the bikes off the streets for seven weeks at the introduction of a pandemic.

She says they’ve since ordered cleaning supplies to keep the bikes sanitized between uses and safe for the community.

Sawicki says they are able to track the bikes and stay on top of when they’re being used through GPS tracking. She says they estimate some of the bikes are used twice a day.

Sawicki says they had several people use the bikes over the weekend when they put them back in service. She says the weather was wonderful.

During the several weeks the bikes were off the street, Sawicki says they took the time to update their web page, social media and create virtual bike tours.

Sawicki says they are also getting excited to launch their new bikes June 1st. She says this summer they will be replacing the older bikes with pedal assisted electric bikes. She says the bikes will be coming in next week. They’re excited to get them in service.

Sawicki says they are also happy to have the bikes in service. She says many people are taking advantage of the nice weather and using our trails to social distance.