Reality star in 'Woman vs. Cat' meme is a Green Country native

Reality star in 'Woman vs. Cat' meme is a Green Country native

TULSA, Okla. — You've probably seen this meme everywhere you go on the internet by now.

The "Woman vs. Cat" standoff is being used all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for any number of situations -- as all memes are.

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Taylor Armstrong, the woman pointing her finger in the edited direction of the sassy cat, is actually a Green Country native.

Born in Independence, Kansas, Armstrong grew up in Tulsa and graduated from Union High School.

She later moved to California and joined the cast of the Bravo reality series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Here is the moment in the TV show that sparked the madness and Armstrong's side of the meme:

Armstrong's place in the meme is matched by her counterpart -- Smudge the Table Cat whose whole internet bit is making foul faces at plates of food.

Some internet memes have difficult origin stories to track down.

The "Woman vs. Cat" looks to come from Twitter user @MISSINGEGIRL who put the two pictures together back in May:

Armstrong acknowledged the meme of her on Twitter in October when it was turned into a Halloween costume.

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