Coronavirus pandemic quiets campaigns for Tulsa mayoral election

Record number of ballots mailed ahead of mayoral election

TULSA, Okla. — The current COVID-19 pandemic seems to have hushed what is usually a boisterous campaign season for the office of Tulsa mayor.

Less than a month from the election, FOX23 reached out to numerous campaigns Friday to see if anyone had any idea about a debate where all of the candidates will be appearing on the same stage, and FOX23 was told by those who responded there appears to be no debate scheduled at this time because some of the campaigns will not agree to have one citing coronavirus concerns.

VOTE: Deadlines to know for the Aug. 25 election in Oklahoma

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Many campaigns have cut down on public events and have been forced to campaign on social media and through yard signs while the candidates figure out how to campaign in the middle of a pandemic.

To show just how quiet things have been, FOX23 asked viewers on Facebook their views about the upcoming race, and while some named specific candidates, there were constant messages, some joking, indicating that people weren't even thinking about or aware of the race.

ELECTION SEASON: The deadline to register to vote in this month's election is TODAY 🗳 >>> Tulsans, what issues do you want the next mayor (or Mayor GT Bynum) to be focused on?

Posted by FOX23 News on Friday, July 31, 2020

Eight candidates will appear on the ballot though some dropped out after registering.

The heavy social media push makes it difficult to get the message out because unless a campaign pays for advertising, their videos, articles, and other content, is only shared among those who have already liked their pages or friended their profiles.

The vote for Tulsa mayor is August 25, and if a candidate does not receive an outright majority, the runoff between the top two vote-getters will be during the November Presidential election.

FILE - Tulsa City Hall
FILE - Tulsa City Hall (FOX23)