QuikTrip upgrades security to combat crime

TULSA, Okla. — QuikTrip stores across Green Country are getting safer every day, thanks to new security upgrades the company is installing at each location.
Thursday, FOX23 saw Advance Alarms and QuikTrip security workers installing monitors, more cameras and more microphones.
Needra Gordon loves coming to QT during the day, but not so much at night.
"I do not feel there's enough people working or security, and so many of them have been robbed lately. It's just unsafe," Gordon said.
QT spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh told FOX23 there's a lot more security than people think. A lot of it is hidden from sight.
"Every single store is monitored 24 hours a day by us. We can see everything that's going on and we can hear everything that's going on," Thornbrugh said.
The new upgrades give them eyes and ears on every inch of the store.
"I assure you that if you talk to law enforcement they will pretty much say, 'Yeah, it's one of the best around, if not the best,'" Thornbrugh said.
When the upgrades are complete, officials said it will be almost impossible to step into any QuikTrip and not be seen by one of the cameras.
When Gordon came in to see the new upgrades, she changed her tune a bit and said she's much more willing to come in after dark now.
"I feel like if they have more cameras and they have great lighting, but they need more security. The cameras will definitely be a big help," Gordon said.
QuikTrip officials wouldn't reveal all of the specifics of their security upgrades, but they did say they know a lot more about those who have robbed or stolen from their stores than those criminals realize.