Project Trust expands to elementary school students in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 first told you about Project Trust in 2017.

It’s a program that gives insight to what Tulsa police officers experience each day. It’s also an opportunity to change perspective and lives.

Each session lasts six weeks, and in most cases, the kids taking part in the program has a negative opinion of the police.

But in most cases, those opinions are transformed.

Karen Gilbert is the executive director of Tulsa Crime Stoppers. She says the program usually works with high school students, but Project Trust is expanding to elementary schools.

“5th grade is a vulnerable age. Kids that age can choose whether or not to join a gang, drop out of school, choose the life of crime. So, we hope this will make a difference by building a relationship with police officers,” said Gilbert.

Officers will begin at McClure Elementary next Monday, meeting with students there for a month and a half. They will talk about their job and have roundtable discussions with kids.