Potentially higher PSO rates wouldn’t come immediately, Oklahoma energy provider says

TULSA, Okla. — After two weeks of historic winter weather, some people are concerned about their next bill from the Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

PSO is trying to ease people’s concerns.

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PSO officials say rates have not changed and they won’t change in the next billing cycle.

The only way someone’s bill will go up is if they used more electricity in the past month.

PSO officials say last week the entire Southwest Power Pool was stressed. The issue was PSO wasn’t able to get fuel to power plants to generate the electricity the community needed.

A spokesperson says they may have had to pay more for fuel during this time but they cannot raise rates immediately.

To change rates they have to go to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and get approval first.

They may still do that, and the change would take effect in the future.

PSO did assist Texas during the outages, but crews are back in Oklahoma now.