• Positive pregnancy tests being sold online in Green Country

    By: Miranda Christian


    TULSA, Okla. - Positive pregnancy tests are for sale online by a Green County woman who is marketing them specifically for the holidays.

    An online ad called the positive tests “a way to keep your man.” The tests are being offered for $20.

    Many people who spoke to FOX23 seemed appalled that someone would attempt to buy one of the tests.

    “Why would you want to do that to somebody?” one person asked.

    Those buying the tests could also run into legal problems ranging from libel to emotional stress to misrepresentation.

    “If a woman were to ask for money for medical treatment, that would be considered a crime or fraudulent criminal act,” said attorney Timothy Houchin of Brune Law Firm.

    Houchin said he didn’t realize the sale of positive pregnancy tests was happening in the Tulsa area.

    “At first I thought it was more of a joke you could use to be silly, but I guess it’s being abused more,” Houchin said.

    He said he hopes people realize the seriousness of the consequences that could come with purchasing a test.

    “There are definitely some significant ramifications for doing this. It may seem funny, but you can get in a lot of trouble for it,” Houchin said.

    Houchin said that anyone fooled by a fake test could even press fraud charges if the cases escalated.

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