Police searching for suspect in Tulsa hit-and-run

Police searching for suspect in Tulsa hit-and-run

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police are searching for a man accused of an attempted break in and hit-and-run near 58th and Garnett.

They say the suspect tried to break into a parked semi to steal tools.

When the owner of the semi tried to stop him, the suspect got into a car with a woman passenger.

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The owner of semi got in front of vehicle trying to stop the suspect from leaving.

Police say the suspect ran him over, and the victim went through windshield onto the woman.

The the car went into the field next to Pumpkin Town Farm, and the suspect ran west.

TPD is still searching for the man, and the woman is in custody.

The owner of the semi is being treated at the hospital for his non-life threatening injuries.