Three people hit, one woman is dead after a crash in Broken Arrow

Quick Facts:

  • One woman is dead after driving her car into three people and a semi-truck.
  • Police say 22-year-old Valerie Gutierrez is the woman who died.
  • The three people hit before the crash were not injured.
  • Police learned the Gutierrez left a nearby Triad Eye Clinic where she interned after employees were concerned she was experiencing some sort of medical incident. The employees say she came back from a lunch break with blurry vision. She couldn’t type at her computer and started speaking gibberish.
  • When she went outside, employees tried to stop her from getting in her car. Employees got her to turn the car off, one reached inside to take the keys, she freaked out, started the car again, and left.
  • The woman later hit three people while using the GPS to get home, according to police. A security guard followed her until she hit a semi at 61st and 129th.