• Police: Homeowner fired shots at suspected burglars

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - A midtown homeowner took matters into his own hands Sunday morning, after he woke up to suspected thieves in his house.

    Arrests reports show that two men got inside the house near 44th and Harvard through an unlocked door, but they ran out quickly after the man shot at the intruders.

    “I heard a couple of shots in the night,” one neighbor told FOX23. “It startled us when we were asleep.”

    The neighbor didn’t want to share her name, but she said she’s glad her neighbor protected himself and his stuff.

    Police tracked down Dawson Ginest on a traffic stop, and they found his accused partner, Jared Webb not long after.

    Both were booked for burglary.

    Police said they also found drugs on one of them. 

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