Police have new person of interest in cold case

Police have new person of interest in cold case

TULSA, Okla. — Police brought in many suspects for questioning and DNA profiling, but the detective working the Brittany Phillips case told FOX23 they were tipped off to a new possible lead and a new person they are looking at.

"This year has been the hardest since her murder because it really hits home how this becomes a solitary path," said Maggie Zingman.

Just days after FOX23 spoke with Phillips' mother Maggie Zingman about the 10th anniversary of her daughter's rape and murder, Majors said there is a new person of interest in the case.

"We've started checking into the background of this person, and that has lead us to determine if he's in CODIS and where he's located. The issue now is trying to find him," said Majors.

Zingman has driven around the country with images of her daughter and her killer's profile on her car. Police said that the new person of interest has some similarities to the original profile sent out by law enforcement, but it's not a complete match.

Police are not revealing too much except to say that the man they are interested in had no relationship with Phillips and that they were tipped off by an outside source to check on this man. They are now looking to see if a DNA profile sample already exists in a national criminal database.

Zingman told FOX23 she is hopeful police will find her daughter's killer, but she tries not to get her hopes up with every new clue. She calls Majors every week for updates and was told about the new person of interest last week before she returned to Brittany's grave to remember and reflect.

"I won't allow myself to think that we won't find him and I'm not going to stop until we do," Zingman said.

If the DNA profile comes back as negative for this person of interest, police told FOX23 the search will continue for a new suspect. They are not releasing too much information right now because they don't want the person of interest to go into hiding before they can bring him here for questioning.