Photo of Tulsa boy praying for police during unrest goes viral

TULSA, Okla. — A photo taken of a 7-year-old boy praying for Tulsa police has gone viral -- getting shared more than 10,500 times as of Wednesday morning.

The photo shows Trey Elliot with his hand on the shoulder of a Tulsa police officer.

Trey’s mother Brittany Elliot and her husband told FOX23 they’ve been talking with their son about the protests in Tulsa and the unrest around the country.

As some demonstrations turned to vandalism, Brittany says Trey wanted to pray for police officers as they dealt with the situation in Tulsa.

Brittany says posted the photo and immediately saw it go viral.

Trey prayed for 12 officers and says he wants to pray for every officer in the Tulsa Police Department.

Brittany says she didn’t expect the response to the photo online but she’s glad people are seeing someone as young as Trey stopping to pray for the men and women of the police.

She says she’s proud of her son for leading by example and wants unity and peace in the community.