PETA pushing to revoke license of ‘Tiger King’ star, G.W. Zoo operator Jeff Lowe

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. — PETA is working to get “Tiger King” star Jeff Lowe’s license to exhibit animals taken away after a “whistleblower” allegedly released photos and videos of lions in his Oklahoma zoo suffering.

PETA released the photos and video Thursday in a call to action to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to confiscate the animals and target Lowe’s license.

Lowe lost ownership of Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to rival Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in early June.

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However, Lowe is reportedly looking to move his operation to a zoo in Thackerville, Oklahoma before Baskin assumes control.

PETA says young lions at G.W. Zoo -- formerly belonging to now-incarcerated “Joe Exotic” -- are suffering from what’s called “flystrike” in which flies, usually drawn to uncleared animal waste, bite other animals and lay eggs on them and the hatched maggots eat away at their skin.

The photos PETA released show one lion’s ears severely damaged by the condition. The organization says veterinarians believe the wounds would be “extremely painful” and could “risk losing their ears” if not treated immediately.

Lowe is currently facing charges related to un-permitted exotic animals and doing business without a license in Las Vegas, according to KTNV.