Parents say man who claimed to be a youth coach owes them hundreds of dollars

TULSA, Okla. — UPDATE, 5/19/22: The AAU has released a statement involving Brandon Queen:

“BQ3 is not in the AAU. Brandon Queen is not, nor ever has been, an AAU-registered non-athlete/coach. Olivia Mitchell does not hold an AAU membership.”

A Tulsa Amateur Athletic Union coach is receiving backlash after some parents say he owes them hundreds of dollars.

Casaundra Mitchell signed her daughter up to play BQ3 under coach Brandon Queen. She says she paid $250 for the uniform, and that price didn’t include practice and tournament fees.

Casaundra says she paid lots of money for Olivia to play, but never received what she paid for.

“We paid all of our dues, given all of our money, for our uniforms too. We were supposed to meet up for our practices, then COVID happened. We didn’t hear anything and that was the end of it,” said Casaundra. “We were supposed to start back up, but we never heard anything.”

Casaundra isn’t alone. Other families are coming forward with receipts, showing payments made to Queen. Another mother asked Queen for a refund. In a text message obtained by FOX23, Queen says his Venmo account “froze” after all of the requests were sent.

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Another parent said he received a refund, but it wasn’t from Queen. He had to contact Venmo to get it.

FOX23 tried messaging Queen on Facebook three weeks ago, but his page was deleted. The e-mail address listed on his BQ3 training site bounced back when an e-mail was sent.

FOX23 spoke with Queen briefly on the phone Tuesday morning. He said he needed to speak to his lawyer first.

In a team group chat, Queen posted that he would refund everyone by April 8, 2022. Parents say they are still waiting. Some say they are filing police reports.