Owasso teen recovering from rare COVID-19-related illness

OWASSO, Okla. — An Owasso teen is recovering from a rare COVID-19-related illness appearing in teens and kids around the world

Aaron, 14, is home after a stint in the hospital dealing with multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C).

Saint Francis Children’s Hospital says they’ve seen more than 30 cases of MIS-C since October.

Andrea Taylor, Aaron’s mother, says her son had COVID-19 in January, but a few weeks ago he developed a fever that wouldn’t go away.

Andrea says they went to the pediatrician a few times before having to get him into an emergency room one night.

“Probably around 10 or 10:30, he said he was having a hard time breathing and he had pain in his chest,” Taylor says.

She took him to the Saint Francis Children’s Hospital ER.

“By the time we got to the ER, he had turned a grayish color, his fingernail beds were dark, and I remember his pointer finger and middle finger had turned almost purple all the way to the knuckle,” Taylor says.

Dr. Phil Barton says MISC-C is an illness that causes body parts to become inflamed.

“It can be critical, about half of our patients have required intensive care,” Barton says.

Barton says some children have gone into cardiac arrest or needed a ventilator, but that he tells parents not to be worried because it is rare, and no one at their hospital has died from MIS-C.

He says if you have a child who has a high fever that doesn’t go away, has abdominal pain, or has a patchy skin rash, those are common symptoms of MIS-C. He says the good news is there is a treatment for this illness that involves Aspirin and two medical treatments you would have to get at a hospital.

Aaron is now home recovering, and his mom is grateful they went to get help.

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