Owasso High School students celebrate, honor veterans

OWASSO, Okla. — Students at Owasso High School are serving up love and appreciation for veterans.

“The stories alone these people get to tell us is amazing and we love going around to the tables talking to them. They’re all willing to talk. It’s amazing that we get to know our student body is willing to talk to them and support them,” Owasso High School student Declan Burris said -- who’s also part of the Veterans Day Committee at the school.

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Students in the committee arranges lunches for veterans every year. As students serve meals for those who serve our country, they listen to stories from veterans like Alan Hughes. He served two years in Vietnam.

As students like Emily Ansteine hear stories at events like this or family who have served, it inspires her to follow in their footsteps.

“My grandpa was in the Navy and he is a very big military person and I’ve had several of my family members be in there and actually I want to be in the Airforce,” she said.

Hughes who’s also a former Owasso teacher has always helped the next generation of military.

“We need to support them as much as they supported us,” he said.