Owasso family’s security camera shows at-home nurse slapped special needs daughter

VIDEO: Owasso family catches home health nurse abusing daughter with special needs

OWASSO, Okla. — An Owasso family is looking for answers after a woman they trusted to care for their daughter with special needs could be seen on video slapping her.

Andrea Shaefer says their longtime home health nurse took a new position and they worried about finding a new one to look after her 25-year-old daughter Aubrea.

Aubrea requires total care, using a feeding tube, a trach and a wheelchair.

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The family says on the first day they left their new nurse alone with Aubrea, their Arlo Home Security camera captured the nurse yelling at Aubrea, then slapping her arm about five minutes after Andrea had left for work.

Andrea’s husband was watching the video at work, called his wife, and she turned around to go back home -- confronting the new nurse who then left.

Andrea says she turned the video over to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

The Rogers County District Attorney’s Office told FOX23 they reviewed the video and the incident didn’t warrant a felony charge.

Andrea says she’s concerned that the nurse is working for another company in another family’s home.

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing says state statute mandates that all investigations remain confidential, so a potential employer wouldn’t know about this investigation unless disciplinary action was taken.

Andrea says she’s thankful that she had the home security camera and that all families in her situation should have one.

She started a GoFundMe page to buy Arlo cameras for home health companies so that nurses can take them into family homes to give them peace of mind.