Owasso family prepares to welcome Ukrainian mother, son

OWASSO, Okla. — An Owasso family is preparing to welcome a mom and son from Ukraine into their home next week.

Amy Mullet says her family is used to hosting people from Ukraine. They’ve been hosting orphans on Christmas and over the summer since 2017.

When they saw the devastation in Ukraine, they wanted to help. So the family decided to sponsor a mom and little boy. Amy says, “our daughter is adopted from Ukraine, so we feel like we have connections there.”

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Amy says there’s several different Facebook Groups where you can find families who need a place to stay. She adds, “you fill out the paperwork and you get approved. It takes a few weeks, and then they fly over.”

The family has a room upstairs for the mom and son. Amy says the two can stay in their Owasso for home as long as they need. She says mom, Seveta, will likely get a work permit to start working and will leave when she’s ready. Seveta’s son is just five years old. Her husband has to stay back in Ukraine because he’s required to by the government, in case he gets called to fight.

Amy says they adopted Claire Mullet during the pandemic; the orphanage Claire was staying at has been destroyed. The kids and staff were able to evacuate in time, but it’s devastating to see.

Amy says, “The mom that’s coming to live with us says every night she wakes up three or four times to bombs or sirens.”

She encourages others to sponsor a family if they have the space. She says, “what we really want people to know is these are families and people just like us. Kids who played on soccer teams and took dance classes and now they can’t even sleep in peace or play outside. The adults had jobs just like us and now have nothing. This program unite for Ukraine through the government allows them to stay safe and survive. some need a place to stay and some have money saved up and can get their own place but everyone needs a sponsor to get here. They qualify for some government programs and can get work permits. Seveta is so excited to have her son start school here and start looking for a job. The people from Ukraine are strong and determined.”

If you would like to donate items to Seveta and her son, you can checkout this Amazon wish list.