Owasso auto shop raising money for family of employee who died suddenly

“If you can pay $5 for flowers, I’d rather you take that $5, and give it to Skylar’s family.”

OWASSO, Okla. — An Owasso man's employer is helping the man’s family after he died during a sudden medical incident while commuting to work Tuesday morning.

Skylar Combs was only two blocks from his house when he experienced a serious medical incident. The Owasso father of four's SUV, with Combs behind the wheel, rolled to a stop in the tall grass next to the Friendship Baptist Church of Owasso.

First responders said he was unresponsive when they found his vehicle still idling in gear in the grass near the church. Firefighters broke open a window to get the driver's side door unlocked. Combs was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at a local hospital.


Combs' boss, Ray Adcock, owner of the Owasso branch of Christian Brothers Automotive, told FOX23 on Wednesday that he picked up Combs' wife and took her to the hospital shortly after she was notified by police.

Adcock said Combs was more than an employee, and over the last six years of working for him and getting to know his loved ones, they had become like family. He said Combs came to Christian Brothers on the advice of a local pastor who told him Combs was looking for work closer to his family, and Adcock said it was one of the best hiring decisions he ever made.

Adcock told FOX23 that Combs was a vital part of the business, and that there will be a noticeable absence in his place.

Combs worked as service manager at the shop, and he was the face of the business because he acted as a middleman for the customers and the mechanics.

Because Combs was the primary breadwinner in his family, Adcock and his shop are asking everyone to contribute to a GoFundMe account set up for the Combs family.

Combs did not have life insurance, he said, and he didn't want Combs' wife to feel the financial pressure of raising four kids on her own, while also dealing with the loss of her husband.

Christian Brothers received numerous messages, e-mails and phone calls from people wanting to drop off flowers and send some token of their sympathies, but they have all been told to donate to the fund and help Combs family instead.

"If you can pay $5 for flowers, I'd rather you take that $5, and give it to Skylar's family," Adcock told FOX23.

Other Christian Brothers shops in the region sent personnel to the Owasso store to help the staff during this time.