OSU’s Pistol Pete ranked on worst, creepiest, and most offense college mascot lists

Oklahoma State fans won’t like this.

Pistol Pete has been ranked under both the worst, creepiest, and most offensive college mascots in America.

The survey was completed by Quality Logo Products Blog, a company based in Illinois. You can find their results online.

Pistol Pete ranked number one on the list of “Worst College Mascots in America.” Purdue University’s “Purdue Pete” came in second while the University of Lafayette’s “Cayenne” earned the third spot on the list.

These unlucky mascots rounded up the top ten:

  • Hey Reb! at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Vili the Warrior, the University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • The Nittany Lion, Pennsylvania State University
  • Flash the Golden Eagle, Kent State University
  • Stanford Tree, Stanford University
  • Demon Deacon, Wake Forest University
  • Chanticleer, Coastal Carolina University

Pistol Pete also made an appearance on the “Creepiest College Mascots in America.” On this list, Pete landed in the number three spot. “Purdue Pete” and “Cayenne” took the top two positions. Pete earned the number five spot on the “Most Offensive College Mascots” list.

The survey was conducted online with more than 1,200 people participating.