Organizers announce plan for rebuilding Black Wall Street in Tulsa

Greenwood Chamber of Commerce announces plan to rebuild Black Wall Street

TULSA, Okla. — Activists and community organizers announced a plan Thursday to rebuild the original Black Wall Street in Tulsa’s Greenwood District.

Several activists and community leaders held the presentation for what’s expected to be a five-year strategic plan.

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The original Black Wall Street burned in the 1921 Race Massacre when mobs of white Tulsa residents raided the thriving black-owned businesses and homes in the area, killing more than 300 black residents.

The chamber got a $500,000 grant from the national parks service for a new roof and other repairs. The president of the historic Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, Dr. freeman Culver says the rebuilding greenwood funds will be used to promote entrepreneurship in the greenwood district.

The chamber also plans to house the largest business incubator for black females in the country.

You can donate to the Gofundme here.

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