• Oologah family waits for answers after child's sudden death

    By: Angela Hong


    TULSA, Okla. - A 6-year-old Oologah student died suddenly Monday night after becoming ill at school.

    Jenny Yang’s family said they thought she was fine Monday morning, so they sent her to school. She came home feeling sick that afternoon and died hours later.

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    A state Health Department spokesman told FOX23 that officials are still waiting for test results, but said they do not believe that there is a public health threat.

    “When I walked through the door, she would always say, ‘Uncle, uncle!’” Xiong Yang said.

    Yang said it is those words that he’ll miss the most.

    “She always loved to put a smile on our faces,” Yang said.

    The family still doesn’t have an answer about why Jenny Yang died.

    “She’s never been sick. She’s such an outgoing child. One day she’s here and the next day she’s not here anymore,” Yang said.

    The pain of losing a child was made worse for Jenny’s mother and father by the fact that they weren’t near her when she died.

    “He was out of state for (the) traditional new year, so he couldn’t say goodbye to his daughter,” Yang said.

    Family members said Jenny was not sick the morning she died. In fact, they said she had so much energy that she got up first and woke up the rest of the family. Later that afternoon she was sent home from school with a high fever.

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    “There is no public health concern at the moment, and that’s based on conversation with medical personnel and our epidemiologists,” Tony Sellers of the Oklahoma State Department of Health said.

    While the family waits for answers, they have been overwhelmed by an outpouring of support.

    “All of the community here has been reaching out to us, seeing what they can do for us. We’re really touched,” Yang said.

    A GoFundMe site set up to help pay for Jenny’s funeral expenses has already raised more than $5,000.

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