Okmulgee man saves twin brother’s life with kidney donation

OKMULGEE, Okla. — Two Okmulgee natives are making national news this week almost two years after one brother donated his kidney to the other.

Dalton Ingley and James Ingley are identical twins and now closer than ever. James saved his brother’s life by donating his kidney to him.

In 2016, Dalton was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, which causes kidney failure. He was in stage 3 kidney failure until 2017, when he started doing dialysis. That’s when he went to his brother and asked if he would be willing to donate his kidney.

Doctors said Dalton wouldn’t live until the end of this decade unless he could get a kidney transplant.

James had to make a huge lifestyle change to be eligible for the transplant because he was overweight. He stopped traveling for work, switched to a healthy diet and exercised until he lost 45 pounds by April 2018.

Two weeks later, doctors successfully performed the surgery. Both brothers are now healthy.

They appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show Wednesday and contacted by “The Ellen Show” and “Good Morning America” to tell their story.