Epic Charter Schools facing potential contract changes after audit

VIDEO: Oklahoma State Department of Education demands Epic Charter Schools pay back $11 million

OKLAHOMA CITY — Epic Charter Schools has about three months to put a case together in an effort to keep its current contract after a meeting with the Oklahoma Statewide Virtual Charter School Board on Tuesday.

The board voted Tuesday to initiate the process to terminate the contract with Epic.

A hearing will be held in at least 90 days for the district to present evidence in their defense.

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Tuesday’s decision doesn’t mean Epic’s contract would be terminated completely. The board can use the process as a way to make other changes as it gives both Epic and the state to bring evidence forward.

The termination process isn’t expected to disrupt teachers, students or the learning process.

The vote by the Virtual Charter School Board comes one day after the Oklahoma State Board of Education demanded a return payment of $11,235,919 from Epic One-On-One and Blended Learning Centers. The payment is to be made within the next 60 days.

The recent audit of the virtual school district found the district making financial decisions without the board’s approval, resulting in a balance of nearly $9 million owed to the state.

Epic Charter Schools responded Monday afternoon:

“It’s no secret we dispute some of the SAI’s material findings and have requested through an open records request its work papers to review their calculations so we can go beyond our initial audit response to exercise our due process and debunk these calculations. EPIC is not perfect. No school is. But the dedication of EPIC’s 2,100 employees working here to get things right and improve our processes is. We know more than 60,000 students and their families are counting on us to work with the State Department of Education to resolve issues and we will not let them down.”
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