Oklahoma schools to start distance learning plans

Tulsa public school officials trying to figure out distance learning
  • The state board of education voted 7-0 to move forward with a distance learning plan for the remainder of the school year Wednesday.
  • Students will not return to the classrooms and extracurricular activities will be canceled.
  • All districts must now submit a distance learning framework to begin on April 6th. Most schools will end between May 8th and 15th, but some could go longer.
  • The state says not all schools will use virtual learning. Some could utilize OETA public television, some buses could deliver lessons with meals to kids who need it, or students and teachers could connect via telephone.
  • Oklahoma already received a statewide testing waiver for the year.
  • Support staff will return to working in the buildings on April 6th, and they will be paid per their contracts.
  • As for graduating seniors, State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says she's already heard of creative ways some districts could honor the graduates, like with a parade of cars or an online ceremony.
  • The big challenge is not only how, but the “how” is different for every school. Technology is a big deal. COX has offered free service for 60 days for all students but TPS is figuring out how to help parents who don’t have a way to access the internet. They’re also figuring out the logistics of devices for everyone, students and teachers.
  • More information on the framework of distance learning will be online by the end of the week.