Oklahoma prisoners make thousands of masks

Hundreds of inmates across the state of Oklahoma are lending a helping hand during a critical time. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections says inmates from nearly a dozen prisons are making thousands of face masks and hand sanitizer for places like our hospitals, county jails and people in need.

Oklahoma Correctional Industries Director Alex Lunn said, “It’s not something, you’ll pick up a paper and see OCI is saving lives, but we feel it and it helps us get through the day. It feels like we are doing something positive for the state.” Lunn said several inmates at John H. Lilley Correctional Facility near Boley, Oklahoma are just part of the assembly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by making face masks and hand sanitizer.

A similar process also takes place at Eddie Warrior Correctional Center.

A correctional facility for women offenders. Inmates there said they work five days a week from 8am-4pm. The facility says many of the inmates were chosen based on skill, but others simply wanted to volunteer and were eager to help.

Correctional Unit Assistant Rebecca Landers has been helping teach the trade to many of the women at the facility. She says they were able to sew thousands of masks by using donated sewing machines and fabric.-Members of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections says there is a sense of pride inside some of these facilities knowing that their work is possibly saving lives.