Oklahoma pharmacist who lost grandmother early in pandemic pushes to get more people vaccinated

TULSA, Okla. — An Oklahoma pharmacist says the loss of her grandmother is fueling her to push more people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cagley-Dozier’s grandmother died in May 2020 after complications with COVID-19. She says her grandmother was alone in her room as she died and hadn’t been together since the previous Mother’s Day.

“If I could have vaccinated my nanna, maybe I could have seen her before she passed away, or maybe I could have given her a hug,” Cagley-Dozier says.”

“My mother could have been there to say goodbye.”

Jodi Cagley-Dozier says she was front and center when it came to getting vaccines administered in long-term care facilities that partnered with CVS.

As the Depot Leader for CVS’s Federal Pharmacy Partnership, she managed the distribution for more than half of the 176 facilities that partnered with them.

“When we walked into our first long-term care facility, those families, those people’s children were outside, looking in,” she says.

“There was so much excitement. It was joy overfilling your heart.”