Oklahoma Highway Patrol honors Tulsa trooper who helped homeless man

TULSA, Okla. — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is thanking a trooper who went above and beyond to help a homeless man in Tulsa.

Lt. Mike Yelton shared this story with OHP on Facebook.

Last week, Trooper Ricky Humdy found a man lying in the ditch near the Creek Turnpike near Memorial Drive. Trooper Humdy spoke with the man, who was not wearing a pair of shoes. His feet were black from the heat.

Trooper Humdy gave the man water and asked if he wanted medical assistance. He rejected help, but did talk with Trooper Humdy about his situation.

After talking to the man, Trooper Humdy drove to Target and bought him shoes. He also bought socks and tools needed to clean up his feet.

“I cannot say enough how proud I am of the actions of Trooper Humdy. He makes the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and myself very proud on a daily basis,” said Lt. Yelton.

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