Oklahoma Health Department warns that fake vaccine cards are illegal, dangerous to others

TULSA, Okla. — Some companies are discussing potentially mandating employees getting the COVID-19 vaccine. In Oklahoma, more than 2 million residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Some people are looking for an alternative to receiving the vaccine: fake vaccination cards.

An Illinois woman was arrested after authorities were tipped off that she used a fake COVID-19 vaccination card to vacation in Hawaii.

The fake card was discovered after officials said Moderna was misspelled on the document. Instead, the card read, “Maderna”

In California, a doctor was accused of falsifying records to make it look like patients had received actual vaccines. Instead, the doctor offered homeopathic immunizations.

In Vermont, three state troopers resigned after being accused of participating in creating fake vaccination cards.

Using a fake vaccination card is a federal violation, and it has prompted an investigation by the FBI.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reiterated that using fake vaccination cards is illegal, and using them could potentially put other people’s health at risk.

They recommend keeping track of your vaccine cards. They also explained that local county health departments keep track of vaccination records as well.

The FBI warned people not to post photos of their vaccination card on social media. It can put your personal information in jeopardy.