Oklahoma group sends petition to Governor, asking for State of Emergency

OKLAHOMA, Okla. (KOKI) — As we see a surge in the COVID-19 Delta variant, Nate Morris with Save Our State, a grassroots coalition, says they felt the urge to do something. So, they wrote a letter to the Governor, asking for him to declare a State of Emergency.

Morris says, “We’ve had 1,800 people from 130 or more cities and towns across the state sign.”

Governor Stitt has said in recent weeks, “I’m not planning on declaring an emergency. This is about personal responsibility, this is about freedom.”

This comes after he signed Senate Bill 658 into law, which says schools cannot require masks unless there is a State of Emergency.

FOX23 spoke with the Executive Director of Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights, Liza Greve. She says, ”Any medical decisions should be left up to parents. They know their children best, and wearing a mask is a medical device.”

If you’re interested in signing or reading the petition and letter to the Governor, click here.