Oklahoma could be first in U.S. to move forward with vaccine plan, health commissioner says

VIDEO: Oklahoma health officials say Oklahoma could be first to get 'green light' for covid vaccine

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma could be the first state in the U.S. to move forward with its vaccination plan, State Health Commissioner Dr. Lance Frye said Tuesday.

Frye says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told state health officials during a recent visit that they may be the first to “go green" on the vaccine plan that’s expected to be finalized this week.

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The state is expected to start seeing vaccines sometime after Nov. 1, but state health officials haven’t determined an official date for vaccinations.

State health officials say there will be a phased, or tiered approach to how the vaccine is distributed to them and later distributed to the public.

Frye says despite recent hospitalization rates, “we are still doing OK” when it comes to hospital capacity.