Officers arrest suspected large scale drug dealer and DOC escapee in east Tulsa

Tulsa, Okla. — Green Country law enforcement arrested a man accused of trafficking big amounts of drugs in the Tulsa area and a DOC escapee after weeks of investigating.

Investigators say they’ve been investigating 36-year-old Wesley Scott Stonebarger, for trafficking large amounts drugs in the Tulsa Count area. During the investigation, undercover workers bought about 42 grams of methamphetamine and 22 grams of Fentanyl from Stonebarger.

Friday morning, deputies HSI Agents, Tulsa police and US Marshals found Stonebarger sitting in a truck outside of a home in east Tulsa. As they walked towards the truck, he took off. After a short chase, he crashed the truck near Garnett and Highway 169. Officers arrested him and a woman inside the truck.

Officers found out the other passenger is a DOC escapee and “Tulsa’s Most Wanted” Fugitive, 31-year-old James Anderson. Police caught Anderson trying to run after the chase.

During the chase, officers say they saw Stonebarger throwing things from the truck. After arresting him, they found a loaded pistol, 122 grams of meth, approximately 97 grams of suspected Fentanyl pills and paraphernalia.

Stonebarger is arrested for trafficking fentanyl, methamphetamine, possession of a firearm, running from police, no drug tax stamp, a Tulsa County joyriding warrant and felony warrants from Wagoner County. James Anderson is arrested on an outstanding DOC escape warrant.

The female passenger was released.