NWS releases ratings following Oklahoma’s tornado outbreak; data shows unusual behavior for one

The National Weather Service says 14 tornadoes spun up in Oklahoma Wednesday, one of which had quite a different track.

The damage after a tornado can show some vital information about what was going on during the storm. But after the National Weather Service surveyed the damage, officials said they found something bizarre.

Radar analysis and preliminary damage surveys indicate two tornadoes around 8:30 p.m. near Earlsboro. The first made a nearly complete loop.

The nearly mile-wide multiple vortex tornado caused damage, but no one was seriously hurt.

The National Weather Service also released some ratings for the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma.

The devastating twister that hit Seminole was an EF2 and was on the ground for 31 miles. A tornado in Earlsboro also was rated an EF2, and a nearby one was an EF1.

Another tornado near Brooksville was an EF1.

The National Weather Service is still investigating two possible tornadoes near Cromwell.