• North Tulsa woman opens fire on would-be thieves

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police say three thieves broke into a home near 56th Street North and Peoria around 10AM Monday
    • A woman inside fired three shots at the suspects after they got inside.
    • Police say they believe the suspects are part of a group who has been wreaking havoc in the area this summer.

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    A north Tulsa woman says she fired several shots at suspected thieves early Monday morning.

    The woman said the group broke into her home near 56th Street North and Peoria and tried to strangle her when she grabbed her gun.

    Patrick Norton said his girlfriend’s phone call was shocking.

    “They tried to reach for her throat, and that’s when she started unloading,” he said.

    Norton said she fired her pistol three times.

    “One of those bullets flew clear across the street and hit the neighbor’s garage door,” he said.

    Norton says he hopes surveillance, a new door and a warning will keep thieves from coming back.

    No one was hurt in the shooting.

    Police say they think it was a group of teens who they believe are responsible for over thirty break-ins in that neighborhood this summer.

    They have some of the teens identified, and the youngest of them is only 11.

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