• North Tulsa landmark to see revitalization


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The old Morton Hospital closed in 2006.
    • A Houston developer has entered into an agreement with the city to revitalize it.
    • The area would include commercial and retail space along with upscale housing.

    A north Tulsa landmark closed for decades is a step closer to a comeback.

    The old Morton Hospital has been closed since 2006, but a Houston developer with deep Tulsa ties is hoping to be a part of the area’s revitalization.

    Michael E. Smith is leading the charge to make the landmark the crown jewel of north Tulsa once again.

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    Smith said he recently entered into an agreement with the city. His $26 million plan for a nearly four-acre site would include commercial and retail space along with upscale housing, something he says is missing in the area.

    The plan would be paid for with a mix of public and private funds, as well as grants.

    The community will get their chance to share their thoughts on the plan during a community forum November 21 at the Rudisill Library at 3 p.m.

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