Nonprofit loaning medical equipment in exchange for donations

VIDEO: Nonprofit loaning medical supplies in exchange for donations

Rerun Medical Equipment is a local nonprofit working to lessen the burden of costly medical equipment on families.

Hannah Scott founded the organization in October and in 2019 they were able to help around 20 people get medical equipment.

Rerun lets people donate equipment like crutches, wheelchairs, CPAP machines, hospice beds, and they loan them to families for a small donation.

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For example, a CPAP machine would require a suggested $20 donation for the entire time it’s needed. Crutches would be a suggested $5, and a wheelchair would be a suggested $10.

However, Rerun told FOX23 they don’t turn people away for not donating the suggested amount because their goal is to help as many people as they can.

Equipment gets returned after it’s done being used for the next person in need.