New law would allow Oklahoma parents choose their student’s school, but there are limitations

A new law will allow Oklahoma parents to choose which school or district their child will attend.

However, Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters says there’s not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to education. Walters says there is a capacity limitation on the law. Students can only transfer if the school has room.

“Some schools still have a broad contingent to do virtual learning, so they are doing a lot of classes from home or part of their classes at home. Some schools have gotten creative with internships where they aren’t in the class, and some schools have concurrent enrollment,” said Walters.

Rob Loeber with Jenks Public Schools says this open transfer law isn’t as “open” as some may think. He says districts set their own capacity limits. Currently, he says there’s only room for transfers at first grade at Northwest Elementary School.

Walters says state funding does follow the transfer student.

However, this doesn’t mean that schools can put together a particular athletic team. OSSAA still has transfer eligibility rules.

Walters says lawmakers will address the transportation need for transfer students in next month’s legislative session.