New law makes Oklahoma ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary State’

OKLAHOMA CITY — Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law on Monday to make Oklahoma a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State.”

Senate Bill 631, also known as the “Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act,” says that any federal, state, county or municipal act, law, executive order, administrative order, court order, rule, policy or regulation ordering the buyback, confiscation or surrender of firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition from law-abiding citizens of this state shall be considered an infringement on the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and Article II, Section 26 of the Constitution of Oklahoma.

“As of today, Oklahoma is officially a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State,” Stitt said in a tweet as a part of a thread showing a collection of bills he’d just signed into law.

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Read the full language of the bill here

The bill takes effect immediately when it’s approved, according to the bill’s language.