New art display in Bartlesville meant to honor Native American culture

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — There’s some new, floral art decorating Unity Square in Bartlesville.

Installed in early May, Kansas City artist and former Tulsan Amie Jacobsen is the mastermind behind this fresh exhibit.

It’s titled ‘Native Color,’ and started with a competition for a community-focused creation.

Working with a team of different artists, Amie says it was a lengthy process of molding glass pedals, shaping leaves and putting the 8-12 foot tall structures together.

Jacobsen wanted to honor Native American culture in Oklahoma.

She fashioned the pieces based on the state wildflower known as the “Indian Blanket.”

“I thought it would just be a neat way to represent the local flora and fauna and also make a connection to the Native American history,” said Jacobsen.

Another nod to Green Country on the piece is the placement of several bees on some of the flowers, a symbol of people in the community working together.

There’s a grand opening for the exhibit during the first week of June. There will also be a working sprinkler system for kids to play in as the hot summer months approach.