• New apartments being built in north Tulsa

    By: Angela Hong


    TULSA, Okla - For the first time in 40 years, north Tulsa will get a new apartment complex that's not low-income or subsidized housing.
    The developers told FOX23 they are trying to change the perception that the area is crime- or poverty-ridden.
    "I have to go way out south or east to go to the grocery store,” said Rondreika, a north Tulsa resident.
    Rondrieka moved to north Tulsa with her son not too long ago. For the most part, she likes the area but admits there isn't a lot here.
    “I thought it was a little boring. And I thought it needed to be built up,” she said.
    “North Tulsa has some sophistication and elegance and it's not all poverty,” said Antoine Harris, Journey Development Project owner and developer.
    Harris is a developer who hopes to change the way north Tulsa is perceived.
    By this summer the journey development project will break ground at 36th Street North and Martin Luther King Boulevard opening up a new mixed used building with 10 stores and 52 apartment units.
    “North Tulsa has been waiting a long time for sustainable, aesthetically pleasing projects,” said Harris.
    And for the first time in four decades, the new apartments being built will not be low-income housing.
    “Through urban sprawl and through urban renewal the money moved away. And people moved out of the community,” said Harris.
    With relatively new medical facility and a senior living facility nearby, Harris believes there will be plenty of demand for the $8 million project and is already pre-leasing the apartments. 
    Harris said the mixed use development is just a part of a bigger plan to create a town center through this 36th Street North corridor. People like Rondrieka are excited.
    “I think it's going to be real nice and real good,” she said.
    The project is funded through a combination of public funds, private loans and donations and grants. It will be open sometime in 2017.

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