Neighbors concerned about excessive speeding in Tulsa neighborhood

TULSA, Okla. — Neighbors who live on North Garrison Avenue near 36th Street North are concerned about drivers speeding through their neighborhood.

Lyn Davis has lived in the area for about three years and is worried as summer draws closer – speeders are creating a dangerous environment for adults and children.

She says speeding has been an issue for as long as she’s lived here – and with more kids playing outside over the summer, she’s worried someone is going to get hurt.

Lyn said a driver – speeding down North Garrison – crashed into her car April 16 and ran into her neighbor’s tree.

Lyn said one problem is that there’s two different speed limit signs one for 25 mph and one for 35 mph in the neighborhood.

She’s called 311 hoping to get speed bumps installed on the busy street before someone gets hurt.

Other neighbors, like Jaylon Jackson, who’s lived in the neighborhood for six years, say it’s a growing problem.

Jackson said he’s seen drivers going 50 to 60 mph down Garrison.

Jackson said also wants to see speed bumps installed in the neighborhood, like on some of the other streets nearby.

Lara Weber with the city of Tulsa said they received a 311 call about the issue April 22 – and plan to mail a speed hump information packet and application.

Lyn said she has since filled out the application package and returned it to the city.

Weber also suggested neighbors call police about the speeders – saying if they get enough calls they may go out and try to catch the people responsible.