Muskogee War Memorial Park, veterans facility gets new operations manager

VIDEO: New changes coming to Muskogee War Memorial Park

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — Victor Lezama is the new Muskogee War Memorial Park Operations Manager and Chief Executive Officer of “The Barracks” Veterans facility. The facility is home of the Muskogee USS Batfish submarine.

Lezama took over as manager of the park in early January.

Lezama says the Batfish will be closed until at least mid year, possibly the end of 2021, as they wait for the FEMA process to wrap up.

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In the meantime, he’s already reorganized the museums lobby area. He plans to re-paint and build “The Muskogee Hero’s” exhibit, which will have 36 profiles of veterans from Muskogee County.