Muskogee students making 3D respirators

Muskogee student making 3D respirators

Muskogee, Okla. — Muskogee High School and other, local companies are making respirators via 3D printers to be given to area hospitals.

Most of the respirators are being made at the Muskogee HS Fabrication Lab, but other companies like Indian Capital Technology Center and Optronics are helping print.

They’re hopeful they can get the first batch out to health care provider by next week.

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County Commissioner Ken Doke says he found a 3D printable file online in Montana that could be used for respirators. He brought the concept to Colin Mccawley at Muskogee High School, he tweaked it, and now he is the forerunner in the respirator operation. Hes using 3D printers at the HS to print masks with a cartridge in front.

You take the cartridge out, put an N95 filter through the hole and snap it back in place. Add a rubber gasket around the edges, strap elastics on and you’re good to go. Other Muskogee companies with 3D printers are stepping in. With the current operation, Doke says they can make 50 a week. The masks can be sanitized and reused. He says they are not hospital certified but they could serve as a good alternative.